A year of safety

ERIKS Global Safety Project 2017

Global Safety Project

The ERIKS Global Safety Project was launched in April of 2016, when representatives from ERIKS companies worldwide came together to harmonize – for the first time – the ERIKS approach to safety. This newly formed team created a project plan and developed a Global Safety Manual and standards to apply across the business. A new organizational structure has also been established, to make it easier to share information, advice and best practices.

Zero Hero


The “Zero Hero” safety campaign was launched worldwide in September, with a range of initiatives including:

  •  6 Golden Rules of safety
  •  “Stop Cards” authorizing any employee to stop any work or practices deemed unsafe
  •  “Near Miss Cards” to report near misses, and to pass on safety ideas.
  •  Management Checklist, for managers to review health and safety when visiting ERIKS locations

In addition, a Health & Safety Vision Statement was created, and “6 Golden Rules” posters were provided for display at the entrance to every ERIKS location. A Visitor Card template has also been created and distributed, to be given to all visitors of ERIKS locations.

Zero Accidents

During Global Safety Week in September, ERIKS’ goal of Zero Accidents was launched. This included a range of local initiatives. In the UK a “Safety Stand-down” was organized, during which all employees stopped working to learn about safety. In the Netherlands the “Lunch and Learn” concept was introduced. In other regions, specific training – such as Fire Safety – took place, and a safety video from ERIKS CEO Simon Franken was shown everywhere.


Online dashboard

As part of the Zero Accidents Goal, a web-based application called Intelex will be launched in 2017 for quicker and easier reporting of Near Misses, Unsafe Situations and Improvements, to assist with safety inspections and audits. The application dashboard will provide a real-time view of ERIKS’ Health and Safety situation and make it easier to investigate and track associated actions.

ISO 45001

ERIKS’ new Global Safety Manual is based on this draft global standard. Once the final version is published (expected early 2018) the manual will be updated with a view to achieving certification in 2018/19.

Spreading the safety net wider

As part of our commitment to Health and Safety, we:

  • expect our suppliers and contractors to adhere to the same standards as we do
  • expect our employees on customer sites to adhere to our safety standards, even if the customer’s own standards are less stringent
  • support our customers in their own Health and Safety processes, through our products and our knowledge.

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