Reducing waste with the swipe of a wipe

Reducing waste with the swipe of a wipe

Cleaning solution that reduces waste

ERIKS build sustainability into their solutions as standard, whether it’s implementing a motor that delivers energy consumption reduction or hydraulic training that improves worker safety, or a simple cleaning solution that reduces waste – as a large UK glass manufacturer discovered when they turned to their long standing partner ERIKS UK to help with an issue.

The customer used general rags to clean their machinery – made from different materials like polyester and denim – which were not very absorbent, were infrequently cleaned which increased the risk of contaminants and which took up a large amount of space to store in their warehouse.

When the rags were at the end of their life – they had to be disposed of using a hazardous waste skip. Around 40 bags were dumped in the skip a month, adding up to around €19,500 per year in disposal costs alone.


ERIKS consulted with partners and delivered a cloth solution that is tear resistant, fast absorbing and strong enough to clean the roughest surfaces. The disposable cloths clean oil, dirt, grime and solvents while remaining resilient to harsh cleaning agents.

The solution reduced the number of bags that needed to be disposed of from 40 bags to just 7 rolls per month – delivering a waste reduction of 4 tons and a cost saving of €9,800 per year. 

Total savings: 9,800 EUR

Waste Reduction

Waste reduction in tons

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