ERIKS wins the 60M race

ERIKS wins the 60M race

No-one had ever done this

Innovative hydraulic hose assemblies from ERIKS are playing a significant role in the construction of a new offshore wind farm in the Netherlands. Our hoses provide power to a hydraulic hammer used to drive huge foundation piles into the sea floor.

More power to the customer, and more power to ERIKS too

The larger the diameter of the hose, the greater the power. For example, increasing the diameter from 2.5” to 3” means a 40% increase in flow and power. However, designing and developing a larger hose is one thing. Assembling it is another – and something no-one had ever done until ERIKS Power Transmission devised a completely new type of assembly line, capable of handling a 60m length of 3” diameter hose.

The innovative coil design line was built even before the larger hoses were available – making ERIKS the first supplier capable of assembling, and positioned the company far ahead of the competition. So: more power to the customer, and more power to ERIKS too.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and our Material Topics

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and clean energy
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