Switched on to electricity

Switched on to electricity


There are 900 million vehicles in this world, and within 10 years it’s predicted this figure will have grown to over a billion. The vast majority of those vehicles currently run on fossil fuels, which the world is running out of. We therefore need to be looking more carefully at alternatives such as electric vehicles, which can be powered by electricity generated from alternative and sustainable resources such as wind and solar power.

Driving an electric vehicle not only can help with the issue of fossil fuels and the resulting CO2 emissions, but can also offer solutions to other environmental problems. For example, electric vehicles produce no nitrogen oxides or particulates, and make less noise. All of which makes them particularly suited to busy routes and city centers.

In the Netherlands – where there are already 40,000 semi - or fully - electric cars – we’re pleased to say that two of those vehicles are driven by management board members.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and our Material Topics

UN Sustainable Development Goal: Affordable and clean energyUN Sustainable Development Goal: Climate ActionMaterial Topic Icon Climate Change and Energy
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